EU member's dirty tricks exposed

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act




| By Rodney Atkinson

As I have emphasised for nearly 30 years in books and on this website, Britain would only see the true nature of the EU and our “European partners” when we decided to leave. Only then would the enmity, manipulation, anti-democracy, protectionism and Anglophobia be revealed. As negotiations start we now see all that – but of course not from all Europeans.

Martin Selmayr  and Jean Claude Juncker.

Ironically it is euro-sceptical Germans (who wished they were leaving too!) and German industry and finance – wanting to keep their tariff free markets in Britain open – who are angry with the petty vindictiveness of the Brussels bureaucrats, the obstructionism of the jumped up Macron and the threats from German euro-fanatics. These petty politicians would rather cut off their noses to spite their faces and warn off other countries from leaving than protect British markets for German and French cars, French and Italian wine and Polish labour!

Hans-Olaf Henkel, the vice chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, urged the UK “not to listen” to Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, and Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator “who I am afraid want to make a mess out of this whole unhappy situation” in order to discourage other nations from leaving the EU.

Guy Verhofstadt MEP is one of the most unpleasant, anti British euro-fanatics it is possible to meet and Mr Henkel is right to describe him as an “ambitious politician who wants to achieve a United States of Europe” and “punish the British, full stop”. “My impression is that Mr Barnier wants to do the same”, said Henkel.

We have already reported on this site (July 10th) how European businessmen and Eurocrats in Russia are attacking us behind our backs and asking the Russians to “curb Britain” because we “don’t share European values”. Well the Russians don’t either – given their experiences of attempts by Poles, Lithuanians, Swedes , French and Germans to conquer Russia! Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler and today’s “push to the east” by NATO/EU remind the Russians how much they have in common with the British!


As the British Government is engaged in critical negotiations with Michel Barnier, the EU’s official negotiator, Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon, who have absolutely no UK sovereign representative function were able to have meetings with Barnier. This was designed by all three to show that the elected Government of all Britain was just a mere “interested party”.


There have also been openly aggressive moves by EU countries to weaken the British economy. Shortly after the Brexit vote GERMAN firms sought to recruit UK technology staff to Berlin (even driving a mobile billboard around London) and French Government and business officials toured the City of London to attract business to Paris saying “Come to Paris we speak English” and the French securities regulator said it would reduce burdensome regulation for companies moving from Britain to France.

UK firms would get “pre-authorisation” for a move to France in 2 weeks, they claimed, and changes had been made to tax on foreigners: a 50% reduction in the tax rate, and the exclusion of foreign assets from wealth tax for 8 years!! (and they think that is an advantage, showing that they apply an annual wealth tax! – now that really is “delusion”)


“There is plenty of anxiety elsewhere in the EU about the French throwing their weight around so aggressively, but their destructive impulses are not being confined, and other EU countries that want a friendly relationship with Britain and the City of London are being marginalised”

Thus wrote Jeremy Browne, the City of London’s envoy to the EU, in a memo about his experiences of the French attitude to Brexit (which was leaked). He said the French were seeking “disruption” and:

  “They are crystal clear about their underlying objective: the weakening of Britain, the ongoing degradation of the City of London.”

Browne is a former Liberal Democrat minister and must surely have rid himself of his LibDem illusions about the EU which his party want to further dominate our lives and governance!

“The meeting with the French Central Bank was the worst I have had anywhere in the EU” he wrote…. “France sees Britain and the City of London as adversaries, not partners.”

As I mentioned above there are some in the EU who so hate the British that they will make their fellow citizens and EU businesses suffer terribly – so long as the British suffer as well!
Browne wrote:

“Every country, not unreasonably, is alive to the opportunities that Brexit provides, but the French go further, making a virtue of rejecting a partnership model with Britain and seemingly happy to see outcomes detrimental to the City of London even if Paris is not the beneficiary.”

and that this vindictive attitude had got worse since Macron was elected President.

This will come as no surprise to readers of Freenations since we exposed the true nature and history of Macron in a recent post.


We have previously reported on the prominence (among the Euro-fascist right) of Jean Claude Juncker the anti British, often inebriated head Euro-kommissar. His Chief of Staff is a German Martin Selmayr who is another euro-fanatic determined to “punish” Britain for leaving the sinking EU ship! It was he who leaked a damaging interpretation of a meeting at 10 Downing Street, saying that the British Prime Minister was “deluded” about Brexit – a term suspiciously quickly taken up by Selmayr’s fellow Christian Democrat, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Daily Telegraph quoted a Whitehall source’s description of Selmayr:

“He is also a true believer in the European Project and has taken Brexit very personally.
He has always felt the UK was getting in the way of greater European integration and is clear that if you choose to leave there is a cost to doing so.”

Mr Selmayr apparently started his devotion to the European Super State after visiting the First World War trenches in Verdun but, given that his paternal grandfather, Josef, served as a Lieutenant Colonel on Hitler’s General Staff in the Balkans and later served four years for war crimes we can see that Selmayr’s idea of peace in Europe is a German peace and his idea of a single currency is a German currency and his idea of European business is German business.

After all, his Nazi criminal grandfather was quickly rehabilitated after the war and became one of the founders of the West German military secret service. So why should he not think that the decadent British and European establishments would not in fact stop a new form of German hegemony? Until of course the British people spoke on 23rd June 2016 and Selmayr’s new “German Europe” was suddenly under grave threat!

Asked if he liked his reputation as a “monster” in the European Commission Selmayr replied:

”If you look into the history of Rasputin, that can be both flattering and not — Lenin can be flattering or not. If it means there is an efficient manager, somebody who is not a wimp, I’m OK with that.”

Having made a virtue of Rasputin and Lenin’s “good points” one wonders why he did not also mention Adolf Hitler – whose Europe of 1941 (which his grandfather helped Hitler to create) bears an uncanny resemblance to the Europe over which Selmayr presides.

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